The Hobby

Model Engineering

The art & science of model engineering as a hobby is well founded. For more than a century, many people both young and old have found much pleasure and satisfaction from designing, constructing, operating & maintaining models of all kinds. In a time of increased computerisation and often less manual activity, model engineering provides a real change – the satisfaction derived from building your own working model is immense. People involved in the hobby come from all walks of life and vocation – no matter what your job or training, model engineering is a hobby you will find as a useful distraction from today’s computer driven world.



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This stands for Model Engineering Association of New Zealand. Most model engineering clubs in New Zealand are members of MEANZ. This umbrella organisation acts as a conduit between clubs and represents them on important national matters. They also set guidelines and national standards for the hobby. A national convention is held every two years, hosted by a member club, alternating between North & South Islands. As a member of a model engineering club, you are eligible to attend as a registered participant.

2016 Tauranga Convention – Photo Jack Still.

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